About DarkCon

DarkCon is a fantasy, science fiction, media, and gaming convention. It is darker and grittier than most such events. It features cutting edge guests and programming, art of all kinds, make-and-take workshops, a fantastic merchant room, costuming, the best themed parties, and legendary VIP member perks.
To get more involved or for more information: DarkCon@DarkCon.org


DarkCon Memberships are not currently for sale. Once we have resolved hotel and other issues, normal and VIP Memberships will go on sale again.

Cover Art Blog

Art by PuppyDust
The image our current splash screen was based on was created by Artist Kim Taylor – aka puppydust – as part of a 360 degree environment experience for television. You can see a 3D breakdown of the image here and view the 3D environment here.
We’ll continue to explore Gothic Victorian Themes as we add more cover art – come back and check it out!