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CONTENT WARNING: The following after hours programming is of a sexual / adult nature and therefore not to everyone’s taste. Attendees to these events must be at least 18 years of age.

DarkCon 2014 Adult Programming Sponsors
O-Play & KinkPartners


BDSM and the Law
This course will provide attendees with a basic overview of the law (with particular emphasis on Arizona and California) as it pertains to BDSM activities and considerations for unmarried couples (both straight and gay). Topics will include consent, indecent exposure, criminal and civil law considerations, as well as wills, powers-of-attorney and other legal documents that unmarried partners should have in place. While Dakra Thongman, aka Don Burns, has more than 22 years of experience working in personal injury, with experience in Missouri and Kansas since 1991 and in Arizona since 1993, this is for general informational purposes only, and if you want personal legal advice, please consult with a licensed Arizona attorney.
Fri 8p-9p, Buckhorn room. Dakra Thongman


Blade Play
Get that wall hanger down and use it for something!  Got a favorite knife, sword or dagger?  Here’s how to include blades in your sensual play including blade selection and safety.
Fri midnight – 1am, Sagebrush. Irish Spike


Creative Flogger Design and other Pervertables
Have you ever looked around and asked yourself, “Could hit I someone with that?” Do you often think that owning a quality flogger is out of your reach? Come find out how fairly ordinary supplies can make unique, usable floggers and other implements of BDSM play.
Fri 11p-midnight, Buckhorn. Tara Lionheart and House Lionheart


Demo Play Session with Special Performance by Arizona Bound 
Join us for an evening of light bondage play!  Seen some equipment and wondered how it works?  Ever wanted to try something out without the pressure of a sexual encounter?  Just need a good flogging?  We’ll have pieces from Dungeon Delights and Dominic, Dom of Steel for you to peruse, experiment with and handle.  Come for the toys, stay for the performance!  Arizona Bound will do a special suspension performance to kick off the fun!  Come see this wonderful artistic presentation of off the floor suspension bondage.  Local experts Arizona Bound will perform seemingly magical feats of human stamina and grace as beautiful ladies are suspended in constricting poses for your pleasure.”
Sat 11p-2am, Sagebrush. Dominic, Dom of Steel & Arizona

Energy and Persuasions 

Evening Erotica with Gini and Tina
It’s time for DarkCon to play The Euphemism Game! Come hang out with authors Gini Koch and T.M. Williams as they teach you about writing erotic scenes, and challenge you to come up with “winning phrases.” There will be prizes, so audience participation is definitely encouraged! 18 or older only.
Sat 6p-8p, Sagebrush. Gini Koch, T.M. Williams


Fighting for Sexual Freedom 
Join Susan Wright, founder and spokesperson for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, to learn more about the only national advocacy group that directly defends alternative sexual expression. You’ll get an overview of the techniques for court cases and incidents that NCSF uses every year to help hundreds of groups, businesses and individuals fight discrimination. You’ll also learn how NCSF works with the media to educate society about safe, sane and consensual BDSM, polyamory and swinging. Brochures will be available for NCSF’s Kink Aware Professionals free referral list. Join in this lively discussion by bringing up any issues or concerns you have about yourself, your group or your kinky business.
Fri 530p-630p, Ponderosa room. Susan Wright


Flogger Make and Take
Come learn hands on how to make a flogger from unique materials.  Tara Lionheart and the Lionheart household will guide you in the construction of your own mini flogger, fully usable from the time you walk out the door.  $10 per person, limited to 10 participants. Signup under SHOP-AT CON EVENTS.
Sat 10a-noon, Buckhorn. Tara Lionheart and House Lionheart

From Tens to Taser and Beyond
Come join Uncle Nick in a trip through his electric wonderland. He will be giving a hands-on workshop touching on the sane and safe (or at least as close as possible) use of electric devices in BDSM lifestyle play. We will cover pre-play negotiation and safety issues as well as the different devices used in EStim and ETorture. He’ll be bringing down a selection of Erostek, P.E.S., Rimba, Violet Wands, Taser, Medical Tens, Sybian, Hitachi, prods, electric knife, etc, etc. Anyone who is safety-cleared may explore their questions and fears in this style of play. And he gives out chocolate for those who ask interesting questions. Please come and try this scene or just watch and learn from a safe distance. And added bonus, he just ordered a violet wand insertable unit and a branding wand… they should be here in time for the workshop!
Fri 9p-10p, Buckhorn. Evil Uncle Nick


Got Consent?  
Come talk about BDSM and consent! Kinksters still have significant legal, political and societal issues facing us. The majority of us fear the very real threat of being prosecuted or losing our jobs or families. To change the law, we have to be able to tell the world what we think of consent. What is ethical consent? What are the gray areas? Are there things people shouldn’t be able to consent to in a BDSM context? What about subspace or mid-scene re-negotiation? NCSF’s Consent Counts project is holding discussions around the country to gather your input so we can move forward to change laws and perceptions of BDSM.
Sat 10a-11a, Sagebrush room. Susan Wright


Heavy Metal Bondage and Restraint Devices
This is a hands-on class where the attendees will learn about metal restraints.  Special emphasis will be directed towards safety, purchasing considerations, and how to use said items. The presenter will have a wide variety of metal restraints (steel and iron) for the attendees to play with and potentially be locked into.
Fri 10p-11p, Buckhorn. Dakra Thongman


Coming to us from the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium, renown expert on this diabolical sickness affecting nearly half the female population, Dr Golagnic will speak on its history, its effects on society and its only known remedy, the hysterical paroxysm.  As there will also be apparatus demonstrations, volunteers or ladies exhibiting hysterical symptoms are encouraged to attend.
Fri 9p-10p, Sagebrush. Dr. Al Golagnic


Mark Greenawalt’s Body Painting Demonstration
Join Mark in a mature-audience-only body painting panel. Mark will have two of his lovely models here as a living canvas. Adults only, please, we will be checking for ID. Mark is a very talented artist we appreciate his willingness to do for us what he does professionally.
Sat 8p-11p, Buckhorn room. Mark Greenawalt


Sensory Deprivation
The tightness of the wrapping, binds the skin like a second sheath. The light is removed along with your vision. Your ears are muffled and all sound is lost or distorted. The sense of your body and your presence in the once fixed point of being blur… Faintly you hear a sound, sense a color, feel a warmth or cold. Is it real, or is it your imagination. Is this something from the external or the internal? A song emerges, a story unfolds, a journey is started, a life is lived and time has no meaning.
Sensory Deprivation, more than just mummification, it is more than a simple scene with bits and parts exposed for various sensation and sexual delights. This is about a process and what occurs within the mind and body as the void is filled with the spirit and experiences we hold inside. Join Master Dennis as you explore the methods to achieve this state such as; suspended saran wrap, full encasement via duct tape, blankets, boxes, leather or Epson salt infused, body temperature water. This class is a sampling and not the length of what would be a good experience but volunteers are welcome to try some aspects of these methods.
Sat 8p-10p, Sagebrush. Master Dennis


Sex & Tabletop RPGs
“Exactly what kind of dungeon does this dragon guard?” The players are full of cheap pizza and strange sodas. Things are getting frisky between the rogue and the night elf, the thief wants to thoroughly use the brothel in whose basement they’re staying, and the bard wants to know what it would take to seduce a lich. Sound familiar? Incorporating sex into a campaign gracefully can be a challenge but our small panel of experienced GMs can tell you how to handle getting horizontal when the dice hit the paper from succubi getting frisky in D&D to tentacles in Call of Cthulhu.
Sat midnite – 1am, Ponderosa. Xenon


Sex in the Victorian Era
Feeling repressed, perhaps slightly “hysterical?”  Well, we have just what the doctor ordered!  Curb crawlers and brassers alike!  Come and enjoy playful banter with Adriana Von Frisque, madame of Gentlemen of Steampunk and writer for Gentlemen’s Corner
Sat 9p-10p, Ponderosa. Adriana Von Frisque, Khurt Khave


Shibari Ground Work
Come see and learn new, unusual and beautiful ways to tie someone up!  Local experts Arizona Bound will help you from rope selection through pressure points and safety.
Fri midnight – 1am, Buckhorn. Arizona Bound

The Image
For your viewing pleasure, also known as “the Punishment of Anne”, the movie “The Image” is a 1975 classic.  It’s the story of middle-aged Jean, a writer (Carl Parker), who meets an old friend, Claire, (Marilyn Roberts) and is soon drawn into her world of BDSM in which they torture Claire’s youthful slave, Anne (Mary Mendum).
Sat 10p-midnight, Ponderosa. Doughal


Victorian Discipline
Most everyone has heard of the repressed, highly moralistic, prim and proper ways they did things back in Victorian England. But do you think they were all that way? Hell no! Come join Miss Chris as she discusses how kinky and perverted those Victorians really were! This class will go through a brief history and accounting of the prevailing attitudes of the day, historic roles and expectations, attire, implements and punishments. We’ll also get to laugh at the language and wording those pervy Vics used to talk about the things they weren’t supposed to talk about. Wear your Victorian, Edwardian or Steampunk best, if you have it, and expect to feel a new kinky kinship with your forefathers after this workshop!
Fri 10p-11p, Sagebrush. Miss Chris




DarkCon 2012 Body Painting Demo

DarkCon 2012 Body Painting Demo