Artemis – Starship Bridge Simulator

Space… the ultimate target-rich environment. These are the voyages of the Starship Artemis, and its sister vessels, whose ongoing mission is seek out aggressive life forms, marauders and even each other, and blow ’em all to atoms!

Artemis header_292x136DarkCon will be bringing to our attendees the popular starship bridge simulator game, Artemis! Artemis is set up on several computers networked together, each computer acting as a position on the bridge. Up to six people can play as the crew of a starship, so gather your friends and sign up to patrol your space sector and defend your outposts. Scan for danger at the Science post, plot a course at Helm, launch mines and torpedoes from Weapons Control, manage the power and damage report from Engineering, intimidate the enemy from Communications, or take the big chair as Captain and coordinate your crew’s actions.

DarkCon is thrilled to announce, there will be TWO ships running head-to-head, either for cooperative play or head-to-head combat, allowing players to even re-enact their favorite space battles!

“Artemis isn’t an official Star Trek game, but it is the Star Trek game you’ve always dreamed of.” – PC Gamer