Classes & Workshops

Online Registration for these classes are now closed. On-site registration may be available at the convention.

DarkCon will once again have a great selection of Make-and-Take classes and workshops.

Due to the high demand, we have expanded the function space by about 5 times to accommodate more people. There is a registration listing of all currently available classes here.

So far we have scheduled the following:

Owl Feather Steampunk Pins
Make & Take workshop, hosted by Spring Garrett
In this workshop you will create your own Steampunk style pin with real Eurasian Eagle Owl feathers, filigrees, cogs and gears. It is a great accessory to any Steampunk outfit!
Cost $20 / Limit 20 /1.5 hours –  Friday at 230p-4p  Register

Hair 1Cyberpunk Hair Falls
Make & Take workshop, hosted by Lindsay Carson
Have fun learning how to construct your own Steampunk & Cyberpunk hair falls! This workshop will teach you the basics of dreads, cyberlox, and other hair piece creation techniques.
Everyone will construct an accent fall and we will also go over installation. All the basic decorations will be provided, though if you already have a specific item(s) that you’d like to incorporate please bring them!
Cost $20 / Limit 20 / 2 hours – Sunday 10am to 12pm Register

weapon classSteampunk Weapons
Make-&-Take workshop, hosted by Dee Astell
Build your own Steampunk Maverick rub-n-buff class, don’t miss this one! Gun, gears, and do dads will be provided in the supplies.
Cost $20 / Limit 10 / 2 hours –
Saturday at 10 am to 12pm / Register


holster class stockSteampunk Holsters
Make-&-Take workshop, hosted by Bob Beckwith
Attendees at the workshop will put together and decorate a leather holster suitable for a Steampunk hand weapon.
Cost $15 / Limit 20 / 2.5 hours – Saturday 2pm-4:30pm – Register

goggles_classSteampunk Goggles
Make-&-Take workshop, hosted by Noe Sanchez
Have fun constructing your own laser-cut leather Steampunk Goggles! These wonderful Steampunk accessories will be ready to wear. This class includes a complete kit with everything you need to build your very own laser-cut leather Steampunk goggles.
Cost $25 / Limit 30 / 1 hour –  Friday at 6 to 7:30 pm Register




Brewing & Cordials Class

Home Brewing and Cordial Making
Come discuss the basics of home brewing and learn to make your own cordials in the comfort of your own home from an acknowledged Master of the Craft, our very own: Lord Craig of the White Cliffs. There will be a demo on the making of some easy cordials and discussion of some of the more complicated ones. Following the discussion we will have a hands on workshop in which you can make one or two cordials, one quick, one that needs time to sit and mellow.
*You must bring your own 750ml bottle of vodka. It does not need to be expensive vodka but charcoal filtered is the best for taste. Bottles, ingredients and mixes provided.
Cost $15* / Limit 15 /Sat 2:30pm -4:00pm / 1.5 hours – Register

pouch classLeather Pouch
Make-&-Take workshop, hosted by the Brose Brothers
Come join the Brose Brothers’ Productions crew in creating your own leather pouch. Class will include instructions on how to hand dye, hand sew, and add your own personal touch. All materials will be provided.
Additional decorative materials will be available for purchase.
Cost $25 / Limit 15 (per class) / 2 hours –
Friday at 4-6pm OR  Sunday at 3-5pm


fascinator classFascinators
Make-&-Take workshop, hosted by Illeana Vega Herrera
In this workshop we will create lovely hair accessories to add to your steampunk collection. Fascinators were highly popular hair pins worn for special occasions during the late 1800’s.
Cost $15 / Limit 20 / 1.5 hour – Saturday 4:30 pm-6 pm – Register

cybermask_class_thumbCyberpunk / Steampunk Fallout Mask







parasol_class_thumbParasol Painting
Hosted by madmolly of the Arizona Browncoats
Please join us for a couple of hours of pure fun. Release your inner child with paper parasols and paints. There will be paints in all the bright colors of the rainbow, as well as the darker ones for your Steam/Cyber-punk creations. And there will be glitter. Oh yes, glitter. And other fun findings as well.

Cost $25/limit 15/ 2.5 hours – Sunday 12pm-2:30pm – Register