Art Credits

The stories, and links, behind the art.

Victorian 360 by puppydust (Kim Taylor)

Kim Taylor (Puppydust, on Vimeo) is a motion graphics artist and director in London.  During my search for images to inspire the committee, staff, and guests of DarkCon, this one struck a chord early on.  You can tell the buildings look a bit warped, as if maybe they’re some of those rounded corners on a ‘circus’ in London, but, actually, it’s because this is a screen capture from a 360° VR experience created for a television production.

The motion clip, backing down the street and entering a time machine is here, and, as beautiful as it is, if you’re interested in modern immersive art, you’ll like the full CGI breakdown video even more.

Her Vimeo page is here, and her professional site is here. She’s not available for freelance work, but there’s plenty of great stuff to see. Have a look.

The Dark Ages By Jonas De Ro

Sure, this picture is a little early for Victorian Horror, but when I was looking for a first image for the membership area, it sang to me.  I initially found it on one of those scrapey wallpaper sites, and after a little digging, found the original artist, his Deviant Art gallery, and his professional website.

Of course, there’s a lot more beautiful art to see in both places. Have a look. And if you need a cover for a book or some game art (and I’m unavailable! Ha! See what I did there?) No, really. He’s for hire, If you’ve got a project that needs guns that big.  I mean… You don’t have to look at his impressive client list, just take a look at this work. You’re not going to see this guy on Fivver.