The Time Lord’s Ball


The Dark Ones, Inc.

The Dark Ones, Inc.

Saturday night: Hosted by The Dark Ones

Come celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who!

The realms of time and space merge with the worlds of fantasy and sci-fi for an event like no other. Take the trip of a lifetime with The Doctor, the last of the Time Lords!  On this night, the Dark Ones bring The Doctor in his many incarnations and his companions to DarkCon, showing how a Time Lord party is never bound by the rules of temporal mechanics. Rumor has it that the Daleks are aware of this event, and will attempt to EXTERMINATE those present, so bring your weapons!

The usual Dark Ones fare of great food and drink will be complemented in this soiree by an elegant range of Whovian refreshments and menu items (perhaps even the Doctor’s favorite, jelly babies!). And did you say music? The Time Lords and the Dark Ones bring a night of fantastic music from the domains of both Gallifrey and Earth, for your dancing pleasure. Being an event spanning all time and space, costuming can take any form you desire. Also. stick around for the Dark Ones anthem at midnight!

With so many incarnations of the Time Lord in one place, there’s only one thing to do… Run to the Time Lord’s Ball on Saturday night, and don’t forget to bring a banana!