Welcome to DarkCon 2014

January 9-12, 2014

Phoenix Airport Marriott

Adrian Paul GOH

Adrian Paul – Media Guest of Honor

DarkCon 2014 is proud to announce our Media Guest of Honor, Adrian Paul!

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Make a ‘Fascinator’, Goggles, & More

Make and take Classes & Workshops are now available for sign-up online.


Live Texas Hold’Em Tournament

Sign up for our Friday night ‘Steampunk Charity Poker Game’ in the website store now!


DarkCon Registration Hours

Thursday    4pm – 9pm

Friday         9am – 9pm

Saturday     9am – 9pm

Sunday       9am – Noon

About DarkCon 2014

Art - 53rd & 3rd - Charles Jacob Dietz

53rd & 3rd – Charles Jacob Dietz

On the weekend of January 9 through January 12, 2014, Phoenix Arizona will host a fantasy/science fiction convention like no other – DarkCon 2014.

DarkCon is a fantasy, science fiction, media and gaming convention. It is darker and grittier than most such events. It features cutting edge guests and programming, art of all kinds, make-and-take workshops, a fantastic merchant room, costuming, plus all manner of gaming and many special events. From the best themed parties ever seen to the legendary VIP member perks, DarkCon is famous with fans and professionals for quality and attention to detail.

We are working on providing a sensory experience for our attendees with an ambiance geared towards cyberpunk. Also planned are several workshops where our fans will create cyberpunk and steampunk accessories for their costuming. Techno-mages, mad scientists, vampires, enforcers, wizards, and dystopian heroes/heroines will be engaged in all manner of activities. There will be dances, parties, concerts, great programming (adult and otherwise), and lots of stuff to see and do! Hope to see you as part of this epic event!